Our Team: Operations


Shelby Crist

Shelby has been with Peregrine since the merger with ZMI. She has been working with Mr. Zotovich at ZMI for 14 years and is also highly involved in the operations of his winery. Here at Peregrine she is the Director of Operations and oversees all day-to-day activity. Shelby received her BA in Liberal Studies from Cal State Fullerton. She is an active member of LRLL Board of Directors.


Suzie Ball
Suzie started working at Peregrine in December of 2015. She is the office Receptionist and assists the Newport Beach team. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature from San Diego State University in 2010.


Nikki Sherman
Nikki joined Peregrine as a temp in December of 2014 as a Receptionist.  In May of 2015, Nikki officially became a Peregrine employee as an Administrative Assistant.  Nikki is a team player and enjoys learning all aspects of the business. She is now assisting the accounting department.


Dale E. Meisner

Dale has over 27 years of experience with accounting in the commercial real estate industry. Prior to joining Peregrine, Dale spent the previous 15 years assisting, training and setting up procedures in the accounting department with over 50 property management companies throughout LA and Orange County. With a comprehensive knowledge of accounting and audit principles she also specialized in forensic accounting.